Hi, I'm Shakira, and "Write-About-Love" is my creative outlet, that allows me to combine two of the things I love the most - photography and cooking.

I'm Irish, a wife and mother of three. I floated through Ireland, England, Jamaica, Guernsey and America for 10 years before moving back to my hometown Derry in Northern Ireland, from Miami. Moving around for 10 years had many advantages, but a settled family life wasn't one of them!

My three children - Lucy, Ronin and Evie all seem to be happy with the move back to the colder climates and have settled in quickly. However I'm still finding my feet back in the city where I grew up. Derry has changed a lot over the years and at the same time it hasn't changed at all...

This website is where you will get more photographs, recipes and an archive of all the food I’ve made [& photographed]. You can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter on my website.
I’m also on instagram @shakirawriteaboutlove.

If you are interested in contacting me about a photography project [food or otherwise] please drop me an email: shakira@write-about-love.com. You can also check out my non-food photography at www.shakiranelis.com

Last of all, the question most people ask is where my blog's name is derived from. It’s actually taken from the Belle & Sebastian song "Write About Love". The song inspired me to do something, rather than just think about doing it!

"I know a spell, That would make you well,
 Write about love,
 It can be in any tense, But it must make sense."


INSTAGRAM | @shakirawriteaboutlove

You can also check out my non-food photography website | www.shakiranelis.com